Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Key values, goals for Rotary International and Wilmington Rotary Club

"In Rotary, we celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion," Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta and President-Elect Jennifer Jones declared in a message delivered to all U.S. Rotarians in the October 2021 Rotary magazine. "Diversity has long been one of our core values," their statement continued. "But there's more we can do to exemplify diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); to expand our ability to reflect the communities we serve; and to respond to our communities' needs."

That message included a strengthened version of the DEI statement Rotary International adopted in 2019. A downloadable PDF copy of that statement is available in the "Documents" section of this site. Go to DEI statement.

On Nov. 16, 2020, the Wilmington Rotary Club's Board of Directors adopted and endorsed the earlier DEI statement. That was publicly affirmed in December 2020 with a news release, published in Wilmington's StarNews newspaper. Go to 2020 DEI announcement. Our club has also established a DEI Committee. Originating in 2013 as the "Four-Way Test Committee," it was renamed in 2020.

The club's 2021-24 Strategic Plan, unanimously adopted by the club's Board on Sept. 20, 2021, includes several DEI goals in its section concerning membership and recruiting. That plan is also available in this site's "Documents" section. Go to Strategic Plan.

A draft version of the strategic plan sparked considerable debate among the club's members. A detailed summary of members' arguments, pro and con, appears in the club's Sept. 28, 2021 newsletter. Go to newsletter.

Learn more, get new perspectives

The DEI Committee is compiling a list of resources that Rotarians may find helpful in considering diversity, equity and inclusion in the club and in our community; in understanding our community's history; and in helping to chart a path forward. Links to those resources will be posted here and updated regularly.

Rotary Learning Center courses

These courses, and the guides and assessment that follow, are available only to Rotarians. Access requires logging into the "My Rotary" site using your email address as your user name. Unsure about your password? You can easily reset it.

Committing to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Building a Diverse Club.

Design an Inclusive Plan for Your Club.

Uncovering Unconscious Bias.

Other Rotary Learning Center topics relevant to DEI.

Rotary guides

Toolkit for Engaging Younger Members.

DEI in Rotary Youth Exchange.

Club assessment

This assessment can help raise members’ awareness of the diversity in our community and build member support for increasing diversity.

Diversifying Your Club. (A downloadable PDF file.)

Rotary Voices blog

These are commentaries from Rotarians about their experiences in making their clubs more inclusive.

Ways to Make Your Club More Inclusive.

How Accessible is Your Club?

Why Our Club Promotes Equal Rights, Responsibilities.

Talks by Rotarian Xavier Ramey

Xavier Ramey is a Black Rotarian whose vocation is helping organizations pursue diversity, equity and inclusion. He is CEO of the organization Justice Informed.

Presentation to the Rotary Club of Milwaukee. Feb. 3, 2020

TED Talk on the meaning of privilege. TEDxChicago, November 2017

Xavier Ramey's website.

Justice Informed website.

Magazine, newspaper and online articles

When White Supremacists Overthrew a Government. On Wilmington's 1898 coup. From Vox.com

What is a Microaggression?  Fourteen things people think are fine to say at work — but are actually racist, sexist, or offensive. From BusinessInsider.com

The Race Gap. How U.S. systemic racism plays out in Black lives. From Reuters

How to be Anti-Racist: Speak out in Your Own Circles. From CNN.com

What is Unconscious Bias? Plus Top Strategies to Help Avoid it. From Envato Tutorials

How the Fortune 500 Can Change America's Racial Corporate Culture. From USA Today

What is Juneteenth? From History.com

The Historical Legacy of Juneteenth. From the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The Myths of the Thanksgiving Story and the Lasting Damage They Imbue. From Smithsonian Magazine.

Project Implicit. How we can identify bias in ourselves: an interactive process. From Harvard University



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